‘Who Ate the Pig’ is #1 Question for National Park ‘Storyteller’ Jeff Hodge


Jeff Hodge is the San Juan Island National Historic Park’s Lead Interpretive Ranger — Lead for a team of three storytelling rangers here. Much of his life, Jeff wanted to be a park ranger. This is his dream job.

The National Park here is one of the island’s largest land owners and attracts three-quarters of a million visitors, both tourists and locals.

Jeff offers updates on the foxes, the Island Marble Butterflies (and what you can do to help in your own yard), a project to improve accessibility to English Camp, and he teased an anticipated announcement regarding campfires on South Beach within the next two weeks. And he discussed vandalism in the parks.

As for who ate the pig whose shooting triggered the Pig War of 1859 between the British and the Americans, we won’t spoil that for you. Just watch.

This CNL2 video is 19 minutes in duration.

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