CNL2 ( is a streaming video and audio service focused on news and entertainment in the 48th Parallel west of The Cascade Mountains.  Production facilities are in Friday Harbor, Washington.

The 48th Parallel service area includes 600,000 Washingtonians and 400,000 British Columbians.  It takes-in the part of one Canadian province and all or part of seven U.S. counties.  The most obvious thing in common across this sprawling region located between Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle metro: the Salish Sea.

CNL2 publishes up to six articles per day, often with original photography.  An emphasis is on real-time news, and many video and audio reports are streamed live.

CNL2 streams four kinds of content:

  • live video (“over the top TV”)
  • recorded videos (video on demand)
  • live audio (“internet radio, including talk radio)
  • recorded audio (podcasts)
All content is hosted on and streamed from the servers of  Little to none of the content CNL2 produces is hosted on social media or other platforms.

CNL2 operations are fueled financially by advertising revenue and subscription revenue.  Subscription types include:

  • $1 per article (permanent access to that article)
  • $7 per month, entire site (recurring)
  • $77 per year, entire site (12th month is free)
  • $190 lifetime, entire site (one-time)

To subscribe, click here.

Co-founded by career advertising executive Jeff Noedel, CNL2 aggressively seeks advertisers who wish to reach the one million people in the 48th Parallel.  CNL2 media space and time is affordably priced.  And CNL2 Creative Services can produce virtually any advertisement or commercial a client may want.

The owners of CNL2 are Noedel, 64, whose career is wholly in advertising, television and journalism, and Jeremy Tyler, 34, a professional television and radio director, photographer and computer animator.

This venture is named CNL2 because there was an original CNL (County News LIVE) in rural Missouri from 2008 to 2013.  It, too, was created and operated by Jeff Noedel, and it was significantly successful in both audience (10,000 unique visitors per month; Alexa score in the 86,000 tier) and advertising sales (up to five-digit gross ad sales per month).