Country News LIVE 2.0 (CNL2.com) is a website aimed at promoting health and happiness on many levels in North America (particularly the U.S., Canada and Mexico).  Production facilities are on San Juan Island, Washington and soon, in Bellingham, Washington.

CNL2 is being built to offer content in the form of streaming video, internet radio, and written blog posts.  As much of the content as possible will be produced live.

Core subjects covered will revolve around:

  • Health and happiness for people — to build bridges with fellow human and reduce isolation and loneliness, as well as increasing physical fitness and awareness of solutions to illness.  We intend to achieve this through dance, laughter and fun.
  • Health and happiness for manufacturers and small family businesses in the U.S., Canada and Mexico — encouraging more manufacturing in North America, more robust exports, greater independence.  Also, we strive to strengthen small family businesses, including retailers, which tend to keep dollars local, strengthening job opportunities, local tax base, school quality, and more.  We are less interested in isolationist policies or trade tariffs; we are more interested in harnessing the awesome power of free-market capitalism — competing and winning in the global marketplace.

To make it possible to build bridges between people, CNL2 is a “safe space” where politics is off limits.  Here are just some of the words that will bleeped, or result in a person being cut-off from the site, or even banned:  “Democrat,” “Republican,” “Liberal,” “Conservative,” and more.  We avoid discussion of divisive (albeit important) issues like reproductive rights, immigration reform, guns, and election integrity.  These and other controversies are vital subjects worthy of discussion, even debate, but not here.

We call this “Anger-free TV.”

North American trade policy may be one broad subject which could get a little political.  This subject must be discussed with care, divorced from emotion, vilification or racism.  For instance, we will draw attention to dependencies on other economies run by authoritarian governments who may seek to undermine true democracies.  (CNL2 is unapologetically pro Western democracy.)  We may draw attention to whether foreign manufacturers fail to pay living wages, or use child labor or slave labor.  We will ask questions about where and how raw materials are sourced.

A second broad line of inquiry you can expect in CNL2 is rooted in our feeling that it is crucially important to “Buy Local,” and to preserve — and then regrow — the fabric of small retail businesses in North America.  CNL2 will examine whether too much of our consumer purchasing is flowing through behemoth international franchises and big box stores.  Is it time we thought about where our products are being made, and from whom we are buying them?

CNL2 is busy making content now, preparing for an official launch in July.  We are publishing much of that content now, so feel free to visit in the meantime.

Later in 2023, access to CNL2 will require a paid subscription, expected to be just $3.00 a month — one of the most affordable subscriptions in the marketplace.  We will augment subscription revenue with proceeds from affiliate marketing, which are small commissions paid to us when we recommend worthy products that you choose to purchase.

The owners of CNL2 are Jeff Noedel, 63, who has a long background in advertising, television and journalism, and Jeremy Tyler, 33, a professional photographer and computer animator.

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ENExENE is owned by Jeff Noedel and Jeremy Tyler.

Noedel has 40 years in communications, journalism, web development, and television/video production. He owned a full-service marketing agency, with up to nine employees, for 24 years. Noedel has provided marketing advice and counsel to dozens of small and large businesses, associations and non-profits. Noedel is an experienced account supervisor, 

Noedel is also an accomplished project manager, very good at estimating budgets and development timelines. He subscribes to the Agile philosophy and is a “Scrum Master” project manager.

Noedel has always been an innovator.  In 1992, he built an e-commerce network out of an electronic bulletin board two years before the viability of the World Wide Web. In 1995, he produced one of the first corporate websites in the St. Louis market. The next year, that website offered one of the earliest streamed animations.  In 1999, he designed one of the first e-newsrooms in the U.S. food ingredient industry. In 2008, Noedel created one of the first hyperlocal news blogs in rural America – a venture he ran successfully for six years.

Noedel is an expert copywriter and photojournalist whose writing has earned one billion impressions across 2,000 U.S. newspapers. Noedel’s photography has been published on the front page of the venerable St. Louis Post-Dispatch (at the time, the flagship Pulitzer newspaper).

Tyler is ENExENE’s web developer. He is also an experienced photographer and has technical aptitude in the diverse disciplines of photo post-production and manipulation, animation, and e-learning module creation. Tyler is an experienced reviewer and blogger, who is skilled in social media.

ENExENE is available for hire for short- or long-term projects.

You can reach ENExENE at (206) 790-0545.