LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION PRICE REDUCED! – 16 CNL2 Subscribers Now – Hundreds More Needed

The CNL2 Lifetime Subscription price has been reduced to a one-time cost of $190.

To date, 16 people who endorse the direction of CNL2 have purchased a paid subscription (lifetime, annual, or monthly).

Hundreds more are needed.

There are three categories of subscriptions: monthly ($7), annual ($77), and lifetime ($190). Monthly and annual subscriptions renew automatically but can be canceled at any time.

For non-subscribers, a viewer can access an individual subscriber article for $1. Several visitors have already used the $1 per story fee. Once paid, access to that story doesn’t expire.

As a bonus, every subscriber is eligible for one free CNL2 local ad per month ($9.50 value). Ads must meet CNL2 editorial and quality standards.

Here is the breakout of subscriptions so far:

  • 1 Lifetime Subscription
  • 10 Annual Subscriptions, and
  • 5 Monthly Subscriptions

These subscriptions are the foundation of the revenue needed to build CNL2 into a great community asset.  And they are deeply motivating to CNL2’s founders.

We thank you.

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