Glenn Hendrick: printmaker, painter, ceramic artist, flutist, bass player, and singer

Glenn Hendrick is CNL2’s seventh artist to be interviewed who will be part of the 2024 Studio Tour, June 1 & 2.

She is a Co-Director of the non-profit community art space named Alchemy Art Center, 1255 Wold Rd. The other Co-Director is SJI native Maria Michaelson.

Born in L.A. and raised in the Midwest, Glenn — a San Juan Island (SJI) resident of 11 years — is an artist of many disciplines including painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, and notably, printmaking.

For centuries, the primary role of printmaking was mass communications. But in the past century, as printing presses, duplicating machines and digital printing have become ubiquitous, printmaking — like film photography — has morphed into an art form. Glenn has experience in many forms of printmaking from stone lithography to aluminum plate lithography; etching to woodcut to “lino (linoleum) cuts.”

An oversimplification of printmaking might be: carving an image in reverse, and then applying ink with a roller, then pressing the ink onto paper, glass, wood or another surface in the manner of a big rubber stamp.

Lately, when Glenn hasn’t been printmaking, she has been painting. She has been participating in a program led by sculptor/painter Marsha McAllister that Glenn calls “30 paintings,” in which she is painting 30 painting in three weeks — a very fast pace indeed. When she is in a groove, she has been able to paint three or four paintings in one session.

Glenn told CNL2 host Jeff Noedel, “The point of the (speed painting) class is to get out of your critical mind and get to a place where “I’m just doing it.’ …more intuitive.”

In the CNL2 interview, Glenn narrates images of nine of her prints. The prints she displays in the interview, depicting abstract landscapes — mountains and seascapes — have a ghostly, gauzy, moody quality with muted Earth tones. They stir the imagination. Some of the prints have a look that is reminiscent of Daguerreotype — early photography from the Abraham Lincoln era, images exposed on a polished metal sheet.

Glenn’s creativity doesn’t stop at the visual arts. She also plays flute and bass and sings in her partner John Bellows‘ “lo-fi folk” band.

This video is 22 minutes in duration.

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