County Party Leaders David and Geri Turnoy Articulate Democrat Priorities for 2024 Elections

David Turnoy (chair) and Geri Turnoy (vice chair) of San Juan County Democrats explain the principles and policies of the local Democratic Party: “[We] stand for democracy. We actively support the well-being of people, all living things, and the environment.”

Democratic Creed


[From Democrats 101, by J.M. Purvis]

We Believe All people are created equal, that this is America’s fundamental ideal.

We Believe That America is a democracy, by and for the people: ruled by the Constitution and its interpretations, protected by the Bill of Rights, and inspired by the Declaration of Independence.

We Believe These founding documents demand Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity for all Americans, in full and equal measure — regardless of who you are, what you believe or where you live.

We Believe That the Duty of government is to strive endlessly to make the ideals of Freedom, Justice, and Opportunity a reality for all.

We Believe That the Purpose of government is to protect our nation, defend our democracy, and to endlessly promote the welfare of each and every one of us.

We Believe That fighting for these ideals is our purpose as a political party.

What are the principles and policies supported by the San Juan County Democrats?

The San Juan County Democrats stand for democracy.  We actively support the well-being of people, all living things, and the environment, all of which form the basis of our principles and policies.  We feel that fostering this well-being is the purpose of government at all levels.   A free and open democracy would:

  • Ensure free and fair elections with equitable access to voting without undue influence of wealth
  • Guarantee that all elections are publicly financed and that corporations are not people
  • Ensure a healthy environment for all living beings, including clean air, land, and water
  • Guarantee communication platforms that clearly and accurately publish verifiable, objective, truthful fact, and identify AI-generated content
  • Guarantee the right to privacy, including a woman’s right to autonomy over her own body
  • Ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all
  • Ensure equitable access to quality, affordable housing and healthy food for all
  • Provide equitable access to quality public education for all
  • Guarantee a livable wage and safe working conditions for all
  • Protect the health and well-being of its people from external and internal dangers, both natural and man-made
  • Guarantee that every person in our society is treated equally before the law, regardless of background
  • Eliminate automatic and assault weapons among the general public
  • Ensure equitable opportunities for all, regardless of race, religion, or gender identity
  • Honor treaty rights and international agreements
  • Treat all people around the globe as being created equal
  • Embrace and celebrate diversity
  • Ensure freedom of movement for all
  • Ensure that every person in our society is free to shape their own beliefs and lives, so long as it does not infringe on the rights and safety of others
  • Inform the population about all the policies in place that provide for the well-being of the people

As San Juan County Democrats, we strive to support candidates who also support these principles and policies.  If you support these principles and policies, please consider joining our email list at, or email Chair David Turnoy at