One-Time Opportunity – Only 25 Lifetime CNL2 Subscriptions Will be Sold — 7 Left


It’s a very good sign to have 55 percent of a subscriber base choosing the $77 annual subscription over the $7 monthly subscription (note: annual makes your 12th month free).

Even better, 18 CNL2 subscribers so far have chosen the $190 lifetime subscription. In addition to sending a deeply encouraging message to CNL2 President Jeremy Tyler and me, the lifetime membership happens to be an excellent value. The lifetime subscription is like prepaying 27 months. Since the very popular original CNL in Missouri ran for six years before I needed to move to Washington state, and since CNL2 is growing much faster than the original CNL, it is highly likely your lifetime subscription will look like a smart move two years from now.

There’s a reason you don’t see a lifetime subscription available for Netflix. Their accountants won’t let them! It would be too good of a deal.

To buy one of the last 7 CNL2 lifetime subscriptions, click here .

While there are many tens of thousands of dollars spent in building and running a streaming news and entertainment station, the CNL2 subscription is not meant to pay for cameras, microphones, and rent. The subscription is meant for pay for what might be compared to a “perishable,” or a “consumable.” It’s meant to pay for the bandwidth we furnish to get our content to your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or television set. We buy bandwidth by the terabyte (currently $125 up to per terabyte) and it is something you use when you listen to an audio stream or watch a video stream on CNL2. It’s the live video bandwidth that’s most expensive, and we expect to use enormous amounts of it. (Still, it beats paying for a TV tower and transmitter to TV sets that very few people use anymore.)

Today, the $190 lifetime CNL2 subscriptions have been very helpful in keeping the lights on (literally). Another 7 lifetime subscriptions will help us get through while we set up a World Class board of directors and convert to a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. On the other hand, since a CNL2 lifetime subscription is equal to a prepayment of 27 months, the revenue from a lifetime subscriber essentially stops early in the third year. In that, way, the lifetime subscriptions will be expensive to CNL2, but worth it in the Big Picture. We love to sell them now, but we cannot sell too many of them.

So here’s the deal. We are capping the CNL2 lifetime subscription at 25. Eighteen have been sold; 7 more are available. When we reach the 25th sale of a lifetime subscription, we will close that category for good. We will offer other promotions in the future, but no more “lifetimes.”

Click here to buy your CNL2 lifetime subscription.

CNL2 has made great strides in the service we are providing, and the audience is growing steadily. We are going to make it. Your subscription (whatever makes most sense for you) will ensure CNL2 becomes a critically important tool for the San Juan Islands to stay connected and stay informed.

* One household per subscription
* Subscriptions are not prorated, not refundable, and not transferrable

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